Thursday, 24 November 2016

7 Reasons Why Most Of The Startups Fail In Digital Marketing

Most of the startups fail in their Digital marketing campaign mainly because of the fact that they are not sure of the outcome of the campaign. Most of the startups outsource SEO while they could easily handle it internally. Some other reasons for their failure in digital marketing include:
  1. Use of outdated technology: Digital marketing is an ever-changing field and thus every startup must be aware of the latest technology and tricks in this field.
  2. Expecting immediate success: Startups must understand that success in digital marketing takes time and is not an overnight process.
  3. Ignoring the customer: Some startups become so involved in their marketing campaign that they ignore their customers. Every campaign must revolve around customers as they are the core of every business.
  4. Assuming digital marketing as the sole method: The startups should not limit themselves to just digital marketing; they should use every available method of online marketing to promote their brand.
  5. Ignoring Social media management: Social media management has become the core of digital marketing and the startups that ignore this method are doomed to fail.
  6. Inaccurate cost calculation: Every firm should keep an eye on the cost of every campaign or cost per acquisition to prevent over spending on the digital marketing campaign.
  7. Ignoring the content: “content is the King” and thus one should not ignore the importance of content used in the digital marketing campaign.
The reasons have been pointed out by almost every online marketing company India and should be kept in mind by every startup for a successful digital marketing campaign.

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