Monday, 28 November 2016

Top 10 SEO Plugins For WordPress E-Commerce Sites In 2017

One of the best platforms that individuals use for business purposes happens to be WordPress. It is ideal to get the word out about the products that you need the world to know about. In fact, almost every digital marketing agency in India has been using this platform for their clients.  

WordPress has turned out to be a huge success mainly because of the plugins, downloads, and add-ons developed by the third-party developers. Due to this, in 2017, WordPress can be used for any website which also includes the E-Commerce platform.

Let’s check out the 10 top SEO Plugins that could be used on WordPress E-Commerce sites. Best ecommerce SEO company makes sure to utilize every single factor to get search engine success.
  1. Yoast: Yoast is used to download, install and implement Yoast SEO. It helps in making minor changes to get the content and keyword issues sorted out.
  2. Squirrly: It ensures that the website is optimized for both search engine robots and individuals.
  3. All-In-One SEO Pack: This download is similar to the Yoast SEO
  4. LinkPatrol: It helps in link building.
  5. Broken Link Checker: Ensures the sites don’t come up with errors, for example, 404 error.
  6. Rel Nofollow Checkbox: This plugin stops linking your company’s authority to a site you are linking to.
  7. SEO Pressor: Ensures keyword optimization and top quality keyword analysis.
  8. Scribe: It is also associated with written content and is more precise than Yoast SEO.
  9. SEO Friendly Images: Helps in picking SEO-friendly images.
  10. Rankie: Helps in checking the Google ranks which are essential in SEO business. 
In order to taste success in the ecommerce SEO services in 2017, it is essential to know about the plugins, downloads, and add-ons and constantly update yourself on the latest developments.

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