Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Know The Importance Of Perfect URL For Boosting SEO Services

Every business wants to improve the SEO of its website but ignore the most important element of any website and that is its URL. Even the agencies which provide dedicated SEO services have acknowledged the importance of URL as it contains the address of your website and thus if you have a problem in your address you cannot have visitors to your website. Some of the ways in which your URL can help improve your SEO are:
  1. Correct URL: Ensure that the URL has right spellings and doesn’t include any special characters. Also, the URL should contain the exact name of the page where you want to direct your visitors. An incorrect name may result in incorrect re-direction.
  2. Choose the proper domain: Choosing the suitable domain like .org, .net, .com etc. can help you determining the best SEO plans and also helps in making strategies regarding SEO.
  3. Use relevant words: The URL should contain relevant words which give a hint on the type of business or the types of product one may find on your website. The content and the URL name should be connected in one or the other way.
  4. Be concise: It is always preferred to have a short URL. If the length of your URL is exceeding more than 100 characters, then you should give it a second thought as according to industry experts a URL should ideally be in the range of 50-60 characters.
  5. Keywords in URL: If you are able to include a keyword or two into your URL then there is a probability that you may secure a better rank in the search engine results. Including keywords also gives a hint to users what they can expect from the web page.
Thus, it is very important to gauge your URL from the SEO point of view. An SEO friendly URL can also help you to outsource SEO easily as other websites will be happy to host an URL which users recognize.

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