Monday, 27 February 2017

Online Reputation Management And How To Go About It?

Online marketing is now one of the most widely used means of promoting a business, it has surpassed all other forms of marketing. Through online marketing a company can advertise to numerous people at once and effectively attract them.

But when it comes to getting the best results from this form of marketing one important thing to remember is maintaining a good reputation online. Only a company that has a good image on the internet will be able to reap the most benefits of online marketing.  No matter how high you rank, or how beautiful your social media page is, if people see too many bad reviews and comments about you it just might lead to them turning away.

This is where online reputation management services India come into play. Through this practice, you can effectively uphold your image on the internet and ensure that bad comments do not turn up very often. Online reputation management basically consist of a number of practices which include-

  • Posting more and more positive content about a company to overshadow or counter act the negative content. For creating the highest quality content, you can always hire content writers India.
  • Monitoring diligently to see how clients are reacting to your products or services and if there are any problems sorting them out in a timely manner
  • Maintaining a good relationship with clients and being prompt at answering all their queries
  • Using social media to boost your reputation- Your image on top social channels like Facebook and Twitter can help you a lot in boosting your reputation. Social media sites are used by almost everyone today and if you maintain a good reputation here it can do wonders for you

These are just some of the many ways how online reputation management works.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

SEO Tips To Improve Product Pages Of Ecommerce Website

Did you know that you need to pay special attention to your product page for search engine optimization and that sometimes the duplicate product content mistakenly uploaded adversely affects your website’s SEO? Proper implementation of SEO for ecommerce websites is highly recommended in order to leverage the business performance on search results.

Check out the tips on improving your product page:

  • URL: Never use a single URL for a different product as the categories like color, usage, type of the product will not match, so instead use alternative directory URL path.
  • Product name: Don’t use the categorical product name in the title or the headline, instead use keywords like a name of the color or type of the product, keeping user search terms in mind.
  • Product schema: In order to make your product surf on search results, make sure that you use product schema that makes it more appealing and also increases the click through rate.
  • Templates: Always use the product template for implementing the best SEO practice, the template should include unique title, description, breadcrumbs, optimized URL, alt tags on images etc.

SEO is a quite important aspect for visibility on search results and even the product pages need to be optimized. These points are just the tip of the iceberg and a lot of optimization is required in order to increase the performance. It is ideal to consult an SEO professional or hire ecommerce SEO services India who can edit the same so that the business can generate more traffic leading to higher chances of conversion. You may choose one of best ecommerce SEO company to deliver results for your business.

Monday, 20 February 2017

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Small SEO Firms For Outsourcing

When you are outsourcing SEO company, all you need is the service and results. While outsourcing, firm’s size should not be a concern. But on another hand, the small firms are much more competent as they focus on one work at a time and addresses firmly to business needs.

Check why you should consider the small SEO firms for Outsourcing:
  • Low cost: At any given day any renowned SEO firm will charge more than small SEO firms, thought the work procedure remains the same but you end up paying more for their brand name.
  • Timely delivery: Since the small firm deals with fewer projects in comparison to the giant firms, their work pressure is much less and hence your project can easily be delivered under the time constraint.
  • Customization: You can avail various search engine optimization packages depending on your business needs and that suits your budget. Certainly, understanding business needs is quite crucial for developing the strategy
  • Communication: At any small firm the communication is streamlined, you can directly communicate with the SEO experts and let them know what you want out of their service and ask them to share the analysis reports for your understanding.
Search engine optimization is quite important for your online business and that when you hire the services of an outsource SEO agency, you are ideally looking out for results. These are best to deliver small business SEO services at efficient prices.

Guide To Real Estate SEO

SEO has always been one of the most widely used method of online marketing. No matter which industry a business is in, SEO can help promote it effectively online and increase its chances of gaining new customers.

Real estate websites today also make use of organic optimizations to attract more website traffic and find the right buyers. But when it comes to SEO for real estate websites it is something that is a little different from other businesses. This is mainly because real estate websites have to present users with a whole lot of information and what they are selling is not something one can buy online.  Such sites have to have comprehensive search options for finding property, location settings and much more, which makes SEO a more complex process. This is why it is always a good plan for real estate sites to hire a professional outsource SEO Company to handle their marketing.  Such companies can provide the right SEO services for real estate websites.

Aside from this here are a few point to guide you towards better real estate SEO-

  • Keyword research- Target local keywords and also long term phrases. According to your services add sale, rent or buy to most of your keywords. Try and even use locations in your keywords. E.g. Homes for sale in Sydney. Finding keywords are the building blocks for your SEO and this is something you need to invest time in
  • Be more focused on targeting local audiences first
  • Have personal contact information and locations on a prominent spot on your website, this will help people connect with you better
  • Even though there is a lot to present to people on your webpage, try and keep navigation as simple as possible and be user friendly
  • Keep updating your content to keep it fresh and according to the recent times
  • Get local links
  • IDX and MLS- Internet data exchange (IDX) and MLS (Multiple listing Services) are two plugins offered by WordPress. These help a real estate website get listings. But remember to add extra content to your listing for a chance at better rankings
  • Make use of social media as well

Thursday, 9 February 2017

5 Mobile Marketing Myths That Can Bolster Your Marketing Activities

You should ideally follow your own logic when it comes to marketing activities because people who refer strategies as myth may not share the same industry of yours. Similar in confusion to implement the best practice consult internet marketing company is advisable. Any professional guidance can help you to overlook the myth and make your marketing activity a grand success.

Check out the myths that obstruct the mobile marketing success if you are running an ecommerce portal:
  1. Ignorance: People ignore mobile marketing ads and that this situation trend that will die soon. Of course, its trend with higher conversion rate.
  2. Assumptions: People use the desktop for online shopping and mobile won’t be accepted. This may be your perception but definitely not others.
  3. Website optimization: Mobile friendly websites are just increasing business cost and don't serve the purpose. Mobile optimization helps in ranking on SERP.
  4. Usage: Audience can surf website from mobile and app is ineffective. Of course, they can but it makes it is definitely not a satisfactory experience.
  5. Content: More contents you update better response you get, the mobile traffic generating audience usually looks for simplicity so apt content will do the same job.
Now that 70% of the traffic is generated through mobile users and mobilization is what the giant companies are looking at, mobile marketing activities should rock solid that will compel your audience to follow the CTA, consult a leading ecommerce SEO company for the same who can provide superior ecommerce SEO services.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Facebook Or Snapchat: Which Can Help You In Branding Impactfully

You can’t really compare the social networking websites as each of them has a certain credibility that serves the different purpose be it from personal or business perspective. If you run a small or medium business, even a large one, definitely from a business perspective, you can use all the social networking sites to maximize your brand awareness as well as targeting the new audience.

Check the difference in between Facebook and Snapchat:


Facebook: Facebook has billion of active users and from all age group worldwide.

Snapchat: Snapchat just reached hundred million active users but not so popular with all age groups.


Facebook: People can’t possibly miss out on popular contents and it stays and easily accessible

Snapchat: Contents only last for 24 hours that surely attracts immediate traffic but the brand may miss out on potential traffic generation.

    Brand Content

Facebook: Facebook serves both visual content as well as informative ones along with CTA links

Snapchat: Snapchat is more streamlined on brand factor and surely this affects the content distribution.


Facebook: Brands can easily communicate with their target and show instant concern.

Snapchat: Snapchat is equally competitive from communication perspectives.

As we can see Facebook seems to qualify maximum branding activities, but it is more of straight advertisements where Snapchat has a funky appeal and has gained a good amount of popularity among the youngsters. If you are in dilemma on choosing channels for your brand consult a good and reputable company like Brandconn Digital ( who provide SEO Service For Small Business to get better results. These are also crucial for your online reputation so you may also hire Reputation Management Services for good and positive branding of your business.

Know How Ecommerce Product Reviews Helps In Search Engine Rank

Most of the ecommerce audience reads review and rating before purchasing any product or service, in order to understand the quality, utility, and service. Though thirty-five percent of people do buy products without reading the review but from a conversion point of view, the product reviews are quite important for the sixty-five percent audience and also helps in ranking. how product review improves the search engine ranks:

  • Reviews are a part of the content, and fresh contents always search engine's favorite, if the product receives more review, the more traffic is generated on that page.
  • In order to improve your ranks, it is advisable to use product name plus the review, so when the consumer search with product name and certain phrase from the review it will be visible.
  • You need to use Schema markup to boost the search engine rank, so that Google can consider the factual and display the review and rating in form of rich snippets.
  • If the product’s review content is properly formatted, the snippets will trigger the CTR directly from the search engine result page.

In e-commerce, there is no salesman who can clarify the customer doubts upfront and of course following the contact us protocols is something most of the consumer avoid. Hence the reviews the most trusted resource to guarantee the product description. So, when a customer purchases a product send them an email asking them to review or rate the product in order to increase the lead conversion. These play a lot of impact while promoting the ecommerce portal on search engines. If a company wants to implement professional ecommerce SEO services, they may either hire a good ecommerce SEO company or hire an in-house team. However, establishing an in-house team may divert their focus from the core business so the best option is to hire an outsourcing company. Brandconn digital is one of the best ecommerce SEO company in India and offers ethical ecommerce SEO services.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Know The Importance Of Social Proof In SEO

Social media networking is undoubtedly gaining popularity, and now with the digitalization people trust social media feeds blindly and also believes what other audience shares as experience. Unless you have a rock-solid foundation in social media networks your business is missing on major prospects, consult the SEO services India company for best results.
Check out how social proof helps in SEO:

  • Any kind of content is good for search engine optimization as long as it is original and fresh, so be it a review, blogs/articles, testimonials it will definitely boost SEO of your website.
  • Positive feeds of products/ services where your brand name is mentioned on social media platform will definitely boost SEO, but then again negative feed has adverse effects.
  • When your business receives feed on social media, it’s like an icing on the cake, you get fair chances to improve your rank on search engine result page also helps in sales conversion.
  • You can also earn quality backlinks once your product or service receives positive feed, with any efforts, moreover, you are able to maximize your brand awareness and built trust.

Just creating a page and login in won’t help especially when you are planning to boost SEO, you need to maximize your online presence and let people speak about you. The ideal way to deal with social proof is to hire SEO India, the professional guidance can leverage your business and enhance your online presnce.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Key Five Techniques To Use Snapchat For Online Business

Snapchat was developed in the spirit of interfacing with individuals you like and having some good times. Today, it has roughly one hundred million everyday dynamic clients. Besides the statistics, which can represent the development and engagement of the platform, there are a few advantages to having an advanced digital advertising technique on Snapchat for a brand. For using this amazing technique marketers can call social media agency or SEO India agency for further support and implementation.

Read to know how the Snapchat can influence the online businesses:

  • Snap Ads: Snapchat incorporates commercials in the story work, so that occasionally in the wake of the survey a story, a client can see an advertisement fly up in an indistinguishable organization from other Snapchat recordings. Clients can pick to swipe up on the promotion for more data if intrigued.
  • Supported Filters Snapchat has been considered to be a great degree well known with the presentation of fun channels. You can utilize channels to include an adorable or hilarious touch to your Snapchat recordings and pictures.
  • Geofilters: The most helpful element of Snapchat is Geofilters which empowers organizations to geo-focus on its clients. Organizations can make a geo filter; select a particular area where it can be made accessible and a fancied span of time too.
  • Influencing partners:  Just like Instagram, Snapchat can help spread brand awareness and reach. By partnering with influencers, a business can spread awareness to a demographic that’s hard to reach through traditional media.
  • Bitmoji: Snapchat has united with Bitmoji to make individual symbols for use inside the application. When you make your very own emoji utilizing the Bitmoji application, you can then utilize it to communicate in Snapchat.

Snapchat advertising is customized and can add a human touch to worldwide brands, indicating bits of knowledge gatherings of people wouldn't normally get the opportunity to see, for example, real or off camera looks of the group behind a major name. To conclude, experts at the digital agency India say that Snapchat is still the clear winner as it emerges out with more advanced technologies to target mobile users and increase the number of audiences.

Friday, 3 February 2017

4 Local SEO Strategies Tips For 2017

Google’s local update Pigeon in 2014 has triggered the effects of local search engine optimization and that enables the business and ecommerce portals to take the advantages of local search and target audience from a particular location. Ecommerce SEO company who can help you to get desired traffic using best local SEO strategies.

Check out the important local SEO strategies that you should consider:

  • As per reports around seventy-two percent consumers are now using mobile to find their needs, you need to consider featuring mobile optimized content in order to reach your audience
  • You need to consider the fact local link building is quite essential and actually it acts as a proof of authenticity and depending on your earned links you get to rank on local search query
  • You may have listed yourself in local directories but then a lot of things have changed, you need to serve the updated phone number, business address, operational timings to rank in local search.
  • If you have a local store you should feature a store locator in order to increase your ranking on local search results and this will also serve as user’s experience, who try to find out the location from various data sites.

Google is now focused on local traffic generation for business development and definitely enhancing user’s experience in addressing their intent. By implementing local SEO strategies, you get a chance to streamline relevant and potential traffic that also enhances your conversion rate, for best results hire a professional company offering Ecommerce SEO services.

Know About Time SEO Results And ROI Take In Digital Marketing

When you are implementing SEO for your website you automatically start looking for results, but the implementation takes a little time to generate the results. If there are loops in your strategy automatically the ideal results will be delayed. In order to get the desired results within a specific time frame consult the outsource SEO company.

SEO results time frame for different business types:

There is no right time to check the SEO results, but precisely SEO friendly website shows results from the fourth month to the eighth month after implementation. Besides, the search engine optimization results also depend on the type of business, for instance, business with low competition can show results from the third month whereas, business medium competition is expected to show results in about five months and the business in tougher competition take a year time to reflect the results.
Return on investment:

When you are investing in search engine optimization campaign do not expect to see the return on investment from the beginning itself, in fact, it takes a year to see the profit but ensure you meet the breakeven from the second quarter of the year.

Search engine optimization trend is always changing, in order to get the desired results for your campaign you should implement the latest trend as well as keep checking the performance of your strategy. The ideal way to get the desired results is to hire dedicated SEO India, as the professional approach will help you to identify the loop and change the same.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

3 Technologies That Can Improve Your Website's SEO Rank

Technologies are built to make our live easier and since search engine optimization is crucial for eCommerce industry, technologies are encrypted to serve the best consumer experience. If you are a small or medium scale business owner and are looking to implement technologies in your website you will able to serve your consumer in a better way and also increase your ranks on SERP, consult a small business SEO company for the same.

Here are the technologies which can do wonder for your website aiming to implement ecommerce SEO:
  • Accelerated Mobile Page: Accelerated Mobile Page is an important technology catering to users experience by serving them instantly about their searches on their mobile. This is currently in beta mode basically an open source product of HTML.
  • Responsive website: Google is now focusing on the responsive website because maximum users are operating from mobile hence if you do not feature a responsive website that can be easily operated on mobile as well desktop/laptop your website cannot be labeled as SEO friendly.
  • Hypertext transfer protocol: We are all aware of cyber crime and in order to put an end to such unethical practices implementing HTTP is quite essential to keep a safe distance from hackers intentions, especially for payment gateways, business emails etc.

Today time plays a tricky role, for instance, an audience waiting in queue checking different websites and feeds will never wait for more than thirty seconds for the web page to open. Moreover, sluggish and unsecured website fails to influence website SEO. For curating your website and making it search engine optimized hire dedicated SEO.