Thursday, 31 December 2015

Website conversion optimization- a great way to gain new customers

There is no denying the fact that the internet today has become one of the most frequently used and popular service. Almost everyone in the world accesses the internet and this is the main reason that now most of the companies have an online presence. Companies, after presenting their websites online, use various digital marketing practices to promote themselves. The methods of online marketing include, Search Engine marketing, social media marketing, reputation management and even content marketing.  But even after applying all such practices there often comes a time when a company finds it difficult to covert the site visitors into customers. This is where the online marketing practice of website conversion rate optimization comes into play.

What is Website conversion Optimization?

Website conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the method of getting a higher percentage of website visitors that are more likely to convert into customers. This process involves creating such an experience for website visitors that they covert into leads. This method does not necessarily mean that you increase website traffic but what it actually offers is a way to make the present visitors take the specific action that a company wants them to take on their website. These actions can involve buying, downloading, registration and many more such things. Some of the key things for better of a conversion rate include-

  • Responsive web design- Such a design provides ease of navigation to the users whatever the screen size of the device they are using.
  • Efficient website layout- A company’s website should be easy to use and not provide complicated options.
  • Use of language- A common language should be used for the content that is presented on the website.
  • Content placement- The content should not be placed haphazardly and should be presented in a systematic manner.
  • Better engagement and user interaction- The website content should be engaging, thus evoking user interest. Even the website should be interactive with the user.

Through this a company can better present its website to the users and in doing so increase its chances to gain customers. Thus, by adopting conversion rate optimization companies can now generate more sales with their websites.

Competent services for CRO

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Monday, 28 December 2015

High quality content for your digital marketing strategy

It is a proven fact that content is the most important element of the online marketing spectrum. Without quality written material many digital marketing practices cannot perform effectively. Today digital marketers pay special attention to development of content. Their main focus is to develop engaging and unique material to help better present a company online and also to enable other online marketing practices to perform more efficiently. The field of content development has flourished in the recent years and due to this the practice of content marketing has also come into existence.

This type of marketing is basically using written material to advertise a company to the users. These write ups can involve blogs, articles, comments, emails, snippets and various other such things. Due to the growing need for quality written materials many people today predict that content marketing will soon become the most useful digital marketing practice. Not only for this type of marketing but written materials are also useful for other online marketing practices as well. Like-

Professional Content Writing Services India


  • SEO- Search engine optimization is the practice of garnering a higher rank for a company on search engine results. But without unique content and proper keyword placements this is not possible. Google, which is one of the most popular online search engine pays special attention to the written material that is present on websites and thus for a more effective search engine optimization it is important to have high quality write ups.
  • SMM- Social media marketing is the method of advertising a company on social networking sites. Even for this good quality and engaging written material is required, because without such things advertisers cannot evoke the interest of the users. With quality written materials not only are people more easily attracted but advertisers are also able to present relevant information.
  • Website designing- It is important for any company’s website to have quality written material present on it. Whether it is company description, services offered or just simple narratives, every write-up that is present on a website should be well placed and appealing. This will help website visitors be more attracted to a company.
Thus content truly is very significant for digital marketing practices.

Company offering professional content writing services

It is not an easy job to write unique and engaging content for digital marketing. It always takes a highly qualified and experienced person to develop quality written materials. Thus, if you too are looking for professional content writing services India then just reach out to Brandconn Digital. This company has some of the most skilled and capable professionals that can write high quality, unique and engaging materials, which can help you promote better online. So, don’t wait hire the services of this company today.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Professional and reliable PPC campaign management services

Pay per click advertising in the past few years has gained a lot of popularity for being a very effective method for digital marketing. Pay per click is an internet advertising model where companies looking to advertise, display paid ads on search engines. These ads contain information about the products and services of a company and are presented only when users enter relevant queries on search engines. Though both Search engine optimisation and Pay per click are a part of Search engine marketing, they have various differences amongst them.

PPC campaign management services
PPC Campaign Management Services

Difference between SEO and PPC

The main difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC) is that SEO is based on the “organic” or free search results of search engines whereas PPC is not free. Pay Per click as the name implies means that advertisers have to pay a certain sum of money every time their ad gets clicked. Some other differences between these practices are-

  • Costs- SEO techniques though applied for free results of search engines, require a lot of work. There are numerous practices involved in this method, thus it costs a considerable amount to apply SEO and also to maintain ranking. PPC on the other hand also requires research and constant management but the costs of setting up and managing such a campaign are less. Also once PPC is applied then you only pay when the ad is clicked
  • Time taken to give results- Pay per click campaigns take a smaller time to set up and once applied the adverts start showing on websites within  a matter of minutes. SEO on the other hand is a long term strategy. It can sometimes take a considerable amount of time for a company’s website to achieve higher rankings. Thus Pay per click provides results more quickly as compared to the latter.
  • Traffic- It is usually seen that organic traffic is more as compared to paid traffic. This means that SEO can get more traffic as compared to Pay per Click. But this is only possible if a company is ranked amongst the top 5 search results as these are the more likely one’s to get clicked. The pay per click techniques though not able to provide continuous traffic assures that the website visitors are relevant. 

Even though these techniques are very dissimilar when compared to each other both of them are very important for a successful online marketing campaign.

Professional Services for Pay per click advertising

Brandconn Digital is a well-known company that provides some of the highest quality PPC campaign management services. This company through its well-research methods and systematic approach assures better results. Thus, if you are in search for effective PPC Management Services India, contact this company today.