Friday, 11 May 2018

Which is a Better Digital Marketing Tool– SEO or PPC?

Digital marketing is usually defined as a marketing strategy devised by the different Digital Marketing Agencies using digital or Internet-based services and tools rather than traditional marketing media. A typical digital marketing strategy or campaign includes the use of email campaigns, social media, online videos and banner ads on websites. This digital strategy is very useful for every business as it has the potential to reach a customer or client who has an access to the Internet.


SEO is utilizing targeted keywords and strategies to rank your pages higher on search results. This is important because most of the online traffic you get is searched for on search engines such as Google. People are more likely to choose the websites that appear near the top of the results page. Therefore, for any ongoing marketing web strategy you should include Search Engine Optimization.

SEO gives you the organic results without costing you much. There are a set of tools and techniques you can apply to increase the visibility of your website organically. Thus, increasing the credibility and customer base as well. It has been statistically proven to bring you better leads on average. Ranking high on search engines establishes you as a reliable and respected brand. You can draw natural attention to your page merely by effectively using the right keywords.


PPC is a method of paid advertising in which you have to pay for each user who clicks on the ad you are promoting. It is also recognized as a paid searching and to run this campaign successfully, you need to have a huge marketing budget. Its main advantage is yielding immediate results.

This strategy is perfect for announcing time-sensitive information like product launches, special offers, and big events etc. targeting specific audiences.

Both SEO and PPC are equally important and needed to increase your online presence. SEO tactics are important to generate quality leads over time while PPC is great for starting your online marketing campaign and promotion.