Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Tips To Get Best Out Of SEO In 2017

As we know in search engine optimization change is constant and practitioners need to adopt the new trends in order to serve their business benefits. If you want to boost your SEO it is an ideal option is SEO outsource as you get professional guidance as well as desired results. 

Here are few tips that you can implement in order to boost your SEO:

  • Enhance consumer experience: You need to curate the website content using the optimum keyword, fix the links, CTA and also try accelerated mobile page optimization.
  • Your previous content may render to black hat SEO, so in case you have overused the keyword you should edit the same also try adding fresh and creative content.
  • Images also play a major role in escalating SEO, so check out the pixels and file sizes and also ensure that meta tags, description, URL has a keyword.
  • Now that you have the previous reports of your SEO performances you can edit the constraints and add information as per your consumer intent.
  • Social media feeds also help to escalate SEO performance, so try out the new local platform to maximize your online presence, also ensure your business is listed in Google local business.

An annual audit is much required for boosting your websites SEO and curating the same by implementing the latest SEO trends that can help you reach your target. SEO India companies help you to maximize your traffic generation and also improve your websites SEO.

Monday, 30 January 2017

8 Basic Services A Digital Marketing Agency Should Provide

Since we are in a competitive market and all of us are busy enhancing our skills for better performance but then knowledge and experience has a vast difference. Online marketing is such a place where the second chance is quite jaded option, better for a small and medium scale business to hire digital agency India from the beginning of a new start.

Check out what services can you expect from a promising digital marketing agency or an outsource agency:

  • Design: A company should be capable of providing latest web designs, and improve the website navigation.
  • Small Business SEO Service: Digital marketing agency should offer proven Small Business SEO Service including search engine optimization strategies that work and also build local SEO.
  • Content: The agency should also provide SEO friendly web contents and also work on other SEO formats like On-page, Off-page, link building etc.
  • SMO: The marketing agency should be able to increase and enhance audience engagement on various social networking channels.
  • Branding: The digital marketing agency should also help in the branding of your service and products online, and has a number of influencers in their pipeline.
  • Marketing: The agency should also help in the marketing of the business product or service across all channels.
  • Advertising: The agency should be able to provide you basic online advertising strategies be it PPC or video content.

When you are looking out for digital marketing agencies make sure they understand the nature of your business and do research their previous work experience and results. The digital agency India and a professional Outsource SEO Company is capable of implementing proven marketing strategies that can add an extra mileage to your business activities enhancing the future prospects.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

5 Best Pay Per Click Campaign Tips For Online Retails

PPC is one of the popular SEO practices implemented by all sizes of businesses in order to maximize their conversion rate, but in online retail, it is definitely a little tough. When you are designing a pay per click campaign you need to understand your consumer intent, hire PPC expert personnel for the same.

Check out the important PPC tips:
  1. It is ideal for the online retail to categories your campaign and bid for your products or services, as categorizing helps to enhance your customer experience.
  2. You should use geographic bids for your pay per click campaigns and that will allow you to customize your location and get the potential leads.
  3. Usually, negative keywords are avoided but for PPC campaign you should include one, for example, branded items and non- branded items, here you can get most relevant traffic.
  4. In AdWords you get the option to add a title, make sure you use it to describe your products potentials and user benefits, free returns or delivery usually get more clicks.
  5. Since usage of mobile is increasing day by day and around seventy percent consumers are using mobile, you should upload similar ad copy for mobile users too.
When you are launching a pay per click campaign you need to monitor your campaign closely and edit if required for enhancing the campaign activities. For better results consult PPC management services, in order to streamline the potential leads followed by conversion.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

SEO Firms Share Five Best Ways To Optimize Facebook Fan Page

People across the world use various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest but at the moment Facebook remains at the top. Branding through Facebook is an indispensable component of every digital marketing campaign and marketers hire SEO expert to make their page engaging search engine friendly. It may sound surprising but SEO is done exclusively for Facebook pages to achieve top ranks in search engines.
Five best ways used by top SEO services India Company for optimizing Facebook pages are as follow: 
  1. Think of a good name for your page: It has been found out that Google gives most of the importance to the title of the page. The name of the page should not only reflect your business type but also include important keywords.
  2. Customized URL for fan page: Customized URLs for Facebook pages are the most appealing. Using this feature, page admin can customize the URL of his fan page just like any other web page of his website.
  3. Use proper keywords at strategic locations: By inserting proper keywords at appropriate places, you can promote your business while talking to your customers. For instance, post updates related to your industry and insert keywords naturally.
  4. Don't forget to write your contact information: It has been seen that most of the companies do not include their contact information in the Facebook page description. Well, you should not commit this mistake and mention the correct address and phone number so that customers can contact you easily.
  5. Promote Your Fan Page: Just like marketers use social networking sites to promote a website, you can use your website to promote social media profiles. Link all your profiles with each other and of course to your website to drive maximum results. 
In order to get the best results online marketing, hire SEO expert today. It is true that most of the businesses are trying to mark their presence on social networking sites, where almost all their customers are present.

Friday, 27 January 2017

5 Amazing Tips For Attracting Traffic To Your Webinars

If you can efficiently conduct a webinar automatically you can build business contacts, showcase and promote your products and service, interact with clients and of course save a lot of marketing expense. All you need is traffic to address the mentioned facts in order to get traffic to your webinar, try to outsource SEO from professional services.

Tips on how to attract traffic to your webinar:
  • Basically, your previous marketing efforts will help you to get traffic, use attractive blog to circulate the webinar, publicize on social networks
  • You need to create a new landing page for your webinar and in order to attract traffic you have to re-design your website focusing on the webinar.
  • Through webinar you are able to advertise your products and service, if you are able to run a proper AdWords campaign, you can easily get traffic in a way enhancing your conversion rate.
  • For increasing your prospects, you can create a customizable page thanking your new subscribers, and also ensure you include a CTA (call to action).
  • In order to maximize your webinar promotion, you need to create a compelling content so that your existing customers don’t hesitate to share it.
The online marketing company India, specializes in creating search engine optimized webinars for achieving desired business goals. In case you have never tried this option or you are in dilemma about its performance get help from the professional to establish a solid webinar that can help your business to grow.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

5 Tips On How To Manage Your Online Reputation

An online reputation is not easy to build it took a lot of effort and dedication, losing it means you lose business that is something you cannot allow it to happen. So in case you think you are losing your online reputation consult the reputation management service India before it’s too late.

Check out how you can manage online reputation:

  • Presence: You have to create your own online presence on online directories or social media platforms and start your interaction about your product or service capabilities.
  • Content: Always keep updating your website content and create fresh contents depending on the current scenario as this will reflect your products enhancements and also your business.
  • Feedbacks: Do activate Google alert, if anyone is mentioning you in their comments, you will know it and this actually work as feedback so that you can rectify your loops.
  • Revert: Most of the time only the unsatisfied customer’s end up commenting or leaving a negative review, so the intonation is vital while addressing the facts to your customer.
  • Social media: You need to be very careful when you are addressing on social media, as minor loops in interaction can ruin your reputation, so be proactive in responding.

Since the market is so competitive the online businesses are more prone to reputation attacks from unsatisfied customers. Hire SEO services India that is proficient in managing negative comments or reviews and taking proactive steps for the same.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Advent Of Emoji And Google’s Mobile First Movement

The Internet is an ever-changing universe. Every second there is something new that can change the world of digital marketing for good. The companies that offer to hire SEO expert individuals constantly browse the internet for any coming changes. One such change is the use of Emoji, smiley faces and symbols used in almost every mobile device now. They are used to express universal feelings like joy and sorrow.

Emoji was created by Hidetaka Kurita in Japan but is now used in every smartphone. Emoji has been named as one of the fastest growing languages and thus is also used by brands in digital marketing to convey a particular message to the customers. Emoji is in constant use by big brands such as “Coca-Cola”, “Dominos” etc. to get higher traffic and to create a better brand value.

Emoji has become so crucial because customers still depend on reviews from other users which may be their friends, family or acquaintances.  Also, brands need to optimize their mobiles sites according to the use of Emoji. Google has announced to include mobile first indexing, in which the mobile sites would also have as much as content as their desktop websites.

Nowadays, Emoji domains are available at various merchants and also these domains are fully compatible with Google. With the introduction of the mobile-first index, Emoji domain will have a better ranking in case of mobile search but the scenario of desktop search is still not sure. In such case, use of Emoji domain will be a challenge for every company that provides any services related to SEO be it Outsource SEO India services or ecommerce SEO services.

Monday, 23 January 2017

4 Local SEO Strategies An Advertiser Should Adapt

Google’s latest Pigeon update is gorging the local search results queries, because, over seventy percent people use mobile to search local query, here the advertisers are missing out the opportunity to target local audiences for enhancing the conversion rate, try online marketing company India to establish a proper local SEO strategy.

Check out the local SEO strategies an advertiser should adapt:
  1. Mobile optimization: The popularity of smartphones is increasing the number of user’s day by day, moreover the mobile optimized websites are preferred by Google and serve the ranking purpose.
  2. Google my business: In order to draw local traffic, list your business details like name, address, phone number, operation timings along with the image on Google My business apart from your PPC campaigns.
  3. Content: Fresh and informative content are always Google's favorite always insert local keyword to increase your visibility on local search intent, so when your consumer rate and review your business on Google it helps to rank in search engine result pages.
  4. Local links: Try focusing on building local links ensures the link you provide do have local and industrial relevance and not just random that may be detected as black hat SEO practice.
For instance, when you turn on your GPS, Facebook shows the friends nearby your location similarly even the restaurant apps display the nearest restaurant in regards to your location. This is how you can leverage your business visibility; consult the outsource SEO services Company in order to maximize your audience reach.

Mobile SEO: An Effective Technique To Achieve Marketing Goals By Attracting Mobile Users

According to a survey conducted online, 44% of the web search is done through a mobile device. Hence to hire dedicated SEO expert for the mobile devices is the need of the hour. Every business house has recognized the importance of mobile SEO and they are hiring Mobile SEO expert to stay in the race. Some of the factors which make mobile SEO an important field for every business online is:
  • Quantity of web search: As discussed earlier, a majority of online search is happening through mobile devices and hence any website that wants to be in the race of top rank in the search result has to optimize according to mobile devices.
  • Business on the Go: Mobile devices have opened the gate for business on the go. The business is now not limited to the time a person spends in front of his desktop.
Also, a business must optimize its web pages according to mobile devices. Some of the techniques for effective mobile SEO are:
  • Avoid use of platforms which are not common to all mobile devices like flash.
  • Use a good size of the text which can be read without zoom
  • Use of images and graphics.
  • Optimize the page size to fit the mobile screens.
It has been observed that the brands that did not optimize their website according to mobile devices have seen a fall of 2-3 % and this figure will only increase. The brands which are not experienced in mobile SEO can outsource SEO now to increase their visibility in web search done on the mobile devices. Hence, whether you do it yourself or outsource it, mobile SEO is one thing which you cannot avoid.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

7 Ways To Make Your SEO Cost Effective

The cost of SEO campaign is very often a big challenge for the firms, especially for small to mid-size companies. The SEO campaign is effectively only when the return on investment is good and to improve the ROI, a cost-effective campaign is a must. Some of the ways suggested by SEO experts by which a brand can reduce the cost of SEO are:
  1. Use social media: Social media platforms are usually free and you can make use of these platforms to post and optimize your content.
  2. Repurpose the content: Just posting content may not give you the required result until you repurpose it by adding videos, tutorial, graphs and other graphics.
  3. Be mobile friendly: Since more and more people are using mobile devices to browse the internet, your website and every web page must be mobile friendly.
  4. Linking: Try to link to more and more pages from your homepage since most of the visitors are likely to visit your homepage only.
  5. Outsourcing: Outsourcing your SEO or hiring a contract team to manage your SEO is many times cheaper than hiring a full-time SEO expert.
  6. Try automating: Try to activate the automated on-site SEO tracking. This software will notify you in case any of your on-page factors is down.
  7. Domain authority: Domain authority determines the rank of your website on any search engine. Hence, it is always better to inverts on building good domain authority.
Also, you can hire SEO expert or consult an outsource SEO company which will draft a dedicated SEO campaign for you. And as already discussed above, outsourcing most of the times cheaper as compared to hiring a full-time SEO expert.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

You Might Be Weakening Your Own SEO Efforts, Let’s See How

None of the business available online is unaware of the wonders SEO can do. Several brands take help by engaging in affordable small business SEO service to get best search engine optimization. Every brand wants a better SEO campaign. However, sometimes the brands undermine their own SEO efforts and some of the ways in which they do it are:

  1. Using old SEO techniques: SEO is one field in which the techniques keep changing from time to tome and thus every brand should use the latest techniques of SEO. Backlink counts and too much keyword stuffing is a thing of the past and Google has shifted to a better algorithm to determine a website’s rank.
  2. Inappropriate content: Content is the force which keeps the audience glued to any website. If the audiences feel that the content posted on the website is inappropriate or irrelevant, they will not hesitate in trying a new website no matter how creative your content may be.
  3. Not measuring tangible metrics: A website measures its metrics to get a better insight of the areas in which it can improve. However, most of the websites make a mistake of ignoring metrics like traffic performance, conversion rate optimization etc. These factors can provide a better insight than the metrics such as page rank, domain authority etc.
  4. Not giving priority to audience: Every business must realize that it must build every strategy keeping in mind the audience.  The same should be followed while making SEO strategies. According to experts, 30 percent of the efforts should be dedicated to understanding the audience needs.
These mistakes should be avoided by any website and brand which desires better SEO results. If a brand cannot effectively manage its SEO then it can hire some external affordable ecommerce SEO services company to manage its SEO and get the best result out of it.

Social Media Reviews: One Which Platform You Need To Focus- Yelp, Google, Or Facebook

Product review and feedback are the chief components for improvising, addressing audience queries and as a fact immensely helps to build the SEO strategies. The best SEO services India implement the best corrective approach based on feedback and review to add leverage to your website. Check out which platform to focus on for Reviews -Yelp, Google, or Facebook
  1. Yelp: Yelps refrains from publishing reviews, they believe when business ask and publish review its kind of biased as they do not publish the negative review from their unsatisfied customer. This situation is not apt for small business as they need to penetrate the market.
  2. Google: Anyone can review on Google be using the company’s requested link or themselves on search engines. Google don’t stipulate on fake review and allows the users to upload images of the company along with their review, moreover, Google reviews are linked to search engine best for a rank purpose.
  3. Facebook: Facebook is one of the most consulted forums for reviews by users and also allows random fake reviews. This platform includes reviews from Google and many people comments without review request. The best place to focus on brand build and mass interaction.
When it comes to social platform, your brand reputation also matters, for effective SEO strategies get in touch with dedicated SEO India expert. Implementing SEO strategies is quite a complex situation as it caters to many adverse situations, experimenting on such grounds can ruin a brand reputation.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

How To Optimize Customer Reviews For Better SEO?

Customers nowadays have become a lot more aware of the business sense. According to a survey, around 90 % of the customers read reviews about the products before making a purchase. The agencies which deal with SEO outsourcing providing dedicated SEO expert services have become aware of this fact. Some of the ways suggested by these agencies to use customer reviews for a better SEO are:
  1. Ask for star ratings: Do not forget to ask the customers about their experience with the help of star ratings. Their ratings are the first thing which is visible on Goggle.
  2. Research the reviews to get keywords: As reviews are written by none other than the customer himself, you can get an idea of the keywords that are famous amongst the customers and can use them effectively to generate traffic.
  3. Review help in getting high ranking: Google considers the high rated website. These rating of the website are nothing but the average of customer star rating and reviews about the product on your website.
  4. Improve the social interaction: You can always use good reviews about your product and post them on social media platforms. It will help to make your products famous and in turn, will increase online traffic and sales.
  5. Use a third-party review website: Google is focused on the reviews which it receives through third party review sites as these reviews are unbiased. SO get in touch with a third party review website and enlist your products there.
Also, if you are unable to optimize your reviews for better results, it is always suggested to hire SEO services. These experts draft a dedicated SEO campaign that will optimize the customer’s reviews in the best possible ways

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

How Online PR Is Beneficial In SEO Campaigns

Time is changing, previously traditional public relation was very important aspect to uplift the brand and business scenarios, but today it’s ruling the online market too. The SEO expert has noticed a huge difference in results with online PR service while designing SEO campaigns. All you need is a professional guidance is ruling this competitive market. You may also get the services of an SEO outsource company who provide ethical Small Business SEO Services.

How online PR in SEO campaigns can help in business?
  1. Visibility: Implementing SEO is a crucial task and of course if you are following the campaigns your target audience is streamlined, here online PR helps escalates your business visibility on various channels and diversified audience through stories, press release etc.
  2. Reputation: Many a time when you fail to deliver expected service, customer do write negative comments or reviews on your website, which only the online public relations can counteract with apologies or explanation, for instance, thanking the customers to raise the issue.
  3. Branding: Online public relations help your company to bring beneficial company insights to your customers be it a range of products offered or introduction of a new product. PR language often acts as a voice to your product and service; hence it helps in brand recognition.
The best way to escalate business is to let people talk about you; hence outsourcing SEO seems a brilliant idea. This will help you to build an online reputation on social media platform, as you can see both SEO and PR are the intrinsic tools to maximize exposure, the game is about using it idiosyncratically to trigger the online presence.  

5 Local SEO Myths Every Digital Marketer Should Be Aware Of

In SEO change is constant and certain changes are reflected as myths, so before you believe in such myths and change your proven SEO strategy hire SEO services India company in order to implement the best practice. 

Here are few false local SEO myths people should stop believing:

  • Myth 1. If I delete my listing from Google My Business, my business listing is automatically removed from Google, the fact is if you do so it will show as unverified.
  • Myth 2. Calls regarding verification of your business followed by the threat of automatic elimination unless claimed are true, as a fact it is a sales call.
  • Myth 3. On Google if you list yourself or your business under professional or practitioner listings, it can be considered as duplicate and removed, the fact is unless you qualify for that listing you are removed
  • Myth 4. Posting on Google plus actually helps to increase your chance on the search engine result page, but the fact is if people search by business name then only your post is visible to them.
  • Myth 5. Getting access to other cities by setting the states name on Google Business related to the service area, as fact, only your address will be anticipated by the customers.

Besides, these are not textual myths that you can’t test but when it comes to search engine optimization you can always test the SEO myths and edit your SEO strategies according to your results. If you want to implement the best SEO practices you should consult a reputable small business SEO services company for the same

Monday, 9 January 2017

Read How Images Can Help In Search Engine Optimization Of Website?

It is known fact that visuals or images have greater impact on the human brain. Then why not use images to increase traffic on the website.  This fact recognized by many online marketing companies which are providing SEO services and now they are using images to improve SEO ranking of a website. Do you want to know about it? Then read how images can help in SEO ranking before you hire SEO services India:

  • The giant search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. can easily read the file name and produce the result page accordingly.
  • Ensure the keyword utilization on the image as the ‘Alt Tags’ and ‘Title Tags’ helps the search engine to analyze the content.
  • The image rubric is the most read words, it should be content relevant as it creates a major impact on grabbing attention.
  • Use proper SEO tools to analyze the file name, size, and alt text, so that you can review the image SEO problems.
  • Image site Maps, markups, open graph code and schema are the advanced SEO approach in order to improvise the image contents and also revise the file type for quality purpose.

Since the competition is high in the market you need professional help to update SEO friend images for best results. It’s better to hire SEO expert India company, as they know popular trend-setting approach and also suits every business budget. Try out this trending SEO approach to enhance your website traffic.

Friday, 6 January 2017

6 Interesting Facts About Google Algorithm

Google uses certain algorithms which help us by providing us the search results from approx. trillions of web pages. Every outsource SEO company providing Small Business SEO Services or otherwise has chalked out the importance of algorithms. Some of the fun facts about Google algorithms are:
  1. The story behind Page rank: The Google’s technology of assigning ranks to pages is called as “PageRank”. However, most people do not know that it was named after Google co-founder Larry Page.
  2. Developed with a different intention: The Google’s algorithms were initially developed to filter the spammy content from the advertisers. However, with time the algorithms were implied for better search experience.
  3. Ever changing: The people using Google algorithm also do not know that the algorithms are changed around 500-600 times a year, which means on an average 1.5 times a day. However, most of the changes are very minute that Google doesn’t disclose them to public.
  4. Smarter algorithms: Google algorithms are getting smarter with every update. The latest algorithm can predict the elements in a picture even their expressions like happy, sad, Joy etc.
  5. Google dance: Google dance is not actually a dance move popular at Google but it is the name given to changes in the ranks of the algorithm when they faced major changes every month. These changes, however, have become very minute now.
  6. The human touch: Apart from the developed algorithm, there are people known as evaluators who evaluate the quality of the search results. Every year Google hosts 40,000 of these evaluations to get an insight of the quality of the searches.
The common masses may be unaware of these facts but the companies providing SEO India services should know these facts and keep them in mind while drafting an SEO campaign.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

5 Tips To Recover From A Growth Setback In Ecommerce Business

Unfortunately, your business did hit the iceberg but nothing major to worry about as these petty challenges are part of it; in this globalized market, there are options to re-sail your business simply by consulting the best ecommerce SEO company that not only resolve the issues but also helps in generating traffic.

The market is full of challenges and competition so here are few ways to recover your growth setback with the help of ecommerce SEO techniques:
  1. Identification: Since your business growth was normal you might have added or fired something which resulted in a setback, so identify your mistakes; run an audit
  2. Stop: Once you have the results and the mistake lists, immediately stop the features you added and if removed restore the same without delay.
  3. Analyze: Now it’s time to analyze the changes, if you find the situation did not reflect on your growth chart, you should take professional guidance.
  4. Monitor: Always monitor the traffic generation and conversion rates, this will help you to understand strategy loops and improve the same on basis of report
  5. Interaction: Interaction with customer is must, here you can address and resolve your customer query and also build your strategies adhering to their expectations 
In business, everyone does endure to risks but the challenge lies in identifying the issues and resolving it. The e-commerce website design Noida offers professional guidance to resolve the complex growth setbacks faced in your business and allows the business to regain its growth.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Why Planning SEO Is Crucial Before Designing Your Website?

Today ecommerce industry is ruling the economic growth and SEO helps to reach your potential audience. When you are starting up with designing your website or may be redesigning your website think about the search engine optimization, it better to hire SEO expert for the same. SEO friendly website performs much better than the regular website.

Check out why planning SEO is important:

  • Product: You need to understand if your team can provide you with search engine optimized content for your products and services, you need to plan your content before designing
  • Interaction: In order to stand out in competition you need to analyze what extra feature you can add to draw more customers and how to place the CTA on your website.
  • Marketing: Your website should easily anticipate your product or service and this should reflect on your website design, plan how you can use the information of your product.
  • Team: Your product team needs to works along with your web designing team infusing their skills along with product capacity, for implementing the SEO.
  • Work: If you implement SEO & CRO, chances are there to leverage your product, because SEO enhances the conversions too.

SEO and website designs are completely different aspects, but when we say SEO friendly website we mean the optimization of site maps, title tags, URL etc. So, before you plan to design or redesign your website consult the digital marketing agency India, they have years of experience in creating a SEO friendly website.

Monday, 2 January 2017

5 Amazing Benefits Of Having High CTR

CTR or click through rate is one of the most important factors in PPC marketing. Many brands hire Google Adwords management services from reputable agencies who have PPC specialist to improve their CTR and thus improving the rank of their ads. High CTR is crucial not only for PPC marketing but for other channels like social media marketing, email marketing etc.as well. Some of the benefits of having a high CTR in all marketing channels are:

  1. High conversion rate: Conversion rate is directly proportional to click through rate. If you double your click through rate then your conversion rate also increase by 50%. If someone clicks on your ads then there is a probability he will go forward and make a purchase.
  2. Better organic search position:     Every organic search position has a set CTR and if your ad is able to beat that CTR then you will end up at that search position, Thus, High CTR can get you a better search position.
  3. Lower cost of social ads: High CTR helps you get a better engagement rank on social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter. These platforms cost less for ads that have a good engagement score or rank.
  4. Help your email being seen: CTR is also crucial in email marketing. For high click through rate, you must exclude people who do not click on your emails. Focus on those customers only that regularly open your email and also click on the links provided.
  5. High ad impression share: High CTR helps in getting a good quality score on Google and other search engines as well. This high-quality score helps in getting the first rank in ad search and this is nothing but your ad impression share.

There are many agencies which provide good quality PPC services Noida and are renowned for increasing your CTR. Thus, if you are unable to improve your click through rate, then a helping hand from these agencies is recommended.

Check Out How You Can Avoid Content Cannibalization

Search engine optimization is now rapidly changing specially catering to white hat SEO and black hat SEO. Landing on search engines results page is more of a battlefield where certain unethical SEO practices were ruling but not anymore. SEO is the most preferred marketing channel for small businesses. The ethical SEO service companies help to over glide the unethical practices by implementing the best strategies.

Here are few tips to avoid content cannibalization:
  1. Internal link: Conduct an audit to find out duplicate links or tags which are more observed by Google and restructure it with relevance to your business & products/ service.
  2. Inappropriate keywords: Do not overuse keywords in the content instead use a natural keyword that fits wells making it natural in order to draw relevant traffic.
  3. Disparate titles & tags: Although optimization is required action but using the same keywords is not apt, so avoid this on non-targeted web pages.
  4. Mapping: Constructing the content map or creating the navigation on the blog often display invalid categorization, hence place it with relevance.
  5. Merging:  When you are displaying options for the same subject but using it as silos often affects, hence merge the whole in one page with caption and description.
Unless you have in-depth knowledge about content cannibalization you cannot avoid the scenario hence it affects your business goal that is a strict no in this competitive market; moreover, Google algorithms have changed tooIs. If you are looking for affordable small business SEO services, then you may hire a reputable SEO expert India who provide best services in budget friendly packages.